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Empowering women

We’re on a mission to stimulate the growth of female-led startups by bringing together budding entrepreneurs, mentors and leading female role models. 

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Every day our community of extraordinary individuals grows making She Leads home to some of the smartest and most ambitious women in blockchain, clean-tech and fin-tech.This includes mentors and experts who range from developers to CFOs.

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She Leads is a community of women helping women succeed and thrive. We welcome pitches from female-led startups in the areas of clean energy tech, fin-tech, blockchain and from tech-enabled innovative companies. 

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Why Fintech Needs More Women

One of the consequences of a company’s lack of diverse leadership is that women’s ideas and input are often not heard or acknowledged. In fact, a recent HBR study found that in such businesses females are 20% less likely to have their ideas endorsed than straight white men. This often results in companies developing products without an understanding of women needs. (...)  As a result, the Global Banking Alliance for Women reports that as many as 73% of women feel unsatisfied about financial services. Failing to understand women is plainly a risk to fintech products. 


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"I used to be  used to be overwhelmed when thinking about what to do to pursue my ideas, I always felt I didn't have time considering my demanding full time job– I was always thinking about it, but I could not find the courage to start... After working with Karolina, I’ve shifted my entire way of thinking about getting started. By using her strategies I was able to allocate more time to organize my thoughts and prioritize my work better.

Attending one of Karolina’s Women’s Startup Academy workshops gave me the push I needed to lay the first stone and start my own business.  In May 2017, MAHIRI technologies was born! It is an IT consulting startup that helps business utilize technology to increase efficiency and add value to their businesses.

Working with Karolina made me realize that it’s possible for me to move ahead with my business idea and make it happen! She is empowering, productive and consistent. I can't recommend her enough!"

Juma Muzdat, Germany, Founder & CEO of MAHIRI

"Karolina invited me to present at one of her female entrepreneur events about crowdfunding, and I was tremendously impressed with not just the organisation of the event but also the relationships she had already built with a number of attendees. Her passion shines through and she is very approachable and down-to-earth, the exact profile you need to run a business based on networking!"

"Karolina (SHE Leads Company Founder) is a well connected professional and the second I saw her i was drawn to her energy. An expert in her field but somehow makes each person's business journey her mission. She has been a tremendous asset in developing my business and continuous to be there for support and guidance. Her experience in coaching, investing and mentoring women makes Karolina undoubtedly the best choice."


Karolina Lewandowska

I am the founder of SHE Leads Company a community created out of passion for helping women achieve their professional dreams.  More about me.

Andrea M. Ruggieri

I can help you get the best out of any negotiation, protect your valuable intellectual property and brand, and structure your company for long term success.

Jessica Richards

Jess is a product and UX Consultant with fifteen years of experience in product development, user research and service design 

Huanita Wallace 

Huanita is an experienced Customer Strategist with a passion for building outstanding customer experience. Most of my work has been in the luxury sector.

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